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How the Credit Bureau loan works


The institute for social security Credit Bureau disburses its personal loans or through the assignment of the fifth to different categories and in different ways, in this article we will see, for example, its loan for pensioners, for workers and that through the assignment of the fifth.

Credit Bureau loan for pensioners

Credit Bureau loan for pensioners

Let’s start by talking about the Credit Bureau loan for all retired persons who need it, a loan that can have a rather long amortization period ranging from 5 to 10 years, depending on what the purpose of the loan is, in when it comes to a finalized credit, both its duration and the amount to be paid will be decided. Loans, however, cannot exceed the sum of 150 thousand USD , which is granted only to renovate one’s first home. The interest rate is 3.50% , and it is fixed and this does not depend on the type of loan requested, nor on its duration or sum

. To repay this loan to Credit Bureau, the pensioner must make a monthly repayment by means of installments which are then deducted directly from his pension and which must not exceed 20 percent of the latter. To apply for the Credit Bureau loan for pensioners, interested parties must download a form under Forms on the official Credit Bureau website and fill it in perfectly so that the request is accepted without problems. We remind you that this online application for financing must carefully attach all the documents necessary for Credit Bureau to accept the loan, such as a photocopy of your identity card or a document certifying the identity of the valid applicant , a copy of your tax code and a copy of the pension slip.

Credit Bureau loan with transfer of the fifth

Credit Bureau loan with transfer of the fifth

If you decide to apply for a loan to Credit Bureau through its transfer of the fifth, you must first make a request for financing from a bank or a financial company, only subsequently will Credit Bureau arrange to disburse the amount that was established in a previous moment during the request, a figure that during the amortization plan will be taken directly from the paycheck or pension plus interest accrued in the meantime.

Obviously also in this case, as in every assignment of the fifth, the monthly installment must never exceed one fifth of the applicant’s salary. The amortization plan for the sale of the fifth of the Credit Bureau institute has a maximum duration of ten years and includes an insurance policy that serves to cover both the risk of death and that of job loss.

The loan through the use of the transfer of the fifth of the Credit Bureau is aimed at a large category of people, such as pensioners, workers whether they are employees or not but some categories, such as those who enjoy an invalidity pension for example, they cannot request to obtain this credit.

Credit Bureau loan dedicated to the category of workers

Credit Bureau loan dedicated to the category of workers

The National Institute for Social Security Credit Bureau has decided to give its loans to the category of workers. Each person who has an employment contract in the non-public sector has the possibility to apply for employees’ Credit Bureau loans but is not aimed at self-employed workers or those who belong to the category of worker traders.

In order to apply for these credits, it is strictly mandatory to bring an identity document, the last received paycheck, your tax code and finally the last received with you to the institution. If you are interested, just visit the official site of the Credit Bureau where there is a service card, go to one of the offices or call and an operator will be able to provide all the necessary answers.

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